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Trends in quantum technology | April 28, 2021

Do you want to know everything about the trends within quantum technology? In this webinar, quantum expert Julian van Velzen tells you all about this hype, what the potential is, and what the latest trends in quantum technology are!

What te expect

The second quantum revolution is coming. While the first quantum revolution brought us laws describing nature, the second quantum revolution will bring us technology. While this technology can make a huge impact, there is also a lot of hype. In this talk, Julian van Velzen will discuss the hype, the potential, and what the latest trends in quantum technology are.

This session is for everyone, even if you don't have a physics background. At the same time, prepare to get your brain right. We will cover questions like: what is a good quantum computing use case?

The webinar starts at 16:00, at 17:00 we will close with a Q&A where you can ask all your unanswered questions!

Who is this webinar for

This webinar is intended for all students and Young Professionals interested in quantum technology. So, would you like to be inspired by Julian about the trends in quantum technology? Then sign up now!

You can register until April 27, 2021.


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